July 8-16, 2022 – Stirrup Some Fun!

Deb McMullin : Administrative Assistant

Deb is more than a gatekeeper to customers — she’s the liaison between staff and clients. Her primary responsibility is to communicate the needs of clients to staff members, and she is so effective that customers are often surprised by how smoothly their event at the Fairgrounds runs. Asking the the right questions in the planning stages is key to ensuring that the rest of the staff shares the client’s vision of an event. Deb is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet and customers love working with her!  She communicates so effectively  and is so incredibly organized that often times a customer will call to make a request that has already been addressed.

Estimated Maximum Cotton Candy Consumption: Six spools mashed into tiny balls
Hypothetical Cooking Champion Of: Barbecued ribs

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