July 8-16, 2022 – Stirrup Some Fun!

Tom Jones: General Manager

General Manager Tom Jones has learned that to be successful, his staff must function as a team. And after almost 32 years with the CWFR, teamwork has become the top priority of every staff member. As the team leader, Tom encourages open communication and camaraderie, which creates an atmosphere in which staff members can share ideas and provide honest feedback. In fact, it was at the suggestion of a staff member that Tom and his crew were able to re-envision fencing for bulls during rodeos, dramatically increasing efficiency and speed during set-up and tear-down. And while Tom considers his staff family, that doesn’t mean they are exempt from his elaborate pranks.

Fair Indulgence: Ice cream of any kind
Least-Suspecting Prank Targets: Rodeo clowns

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