July 8-16, 2022 – Stirrup Some Fun!

Live Shark Experience

July 14, 2021
3:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Central Wyoming Fairgrounds, Midway

Check Stage for Showtimes~ 3 shows Daily

One look into the eyes of a live shark and you will know the heart pounding “awe and fascination”  felt by the Live Shark Experience visitors.

Sharks have captured our imaginations for thousands of years, stirring the fears and fascination of ocean goers and scientists alike.

Their legacy has been as misunderstood as it has been “old and bloody”. Now more than ever, the importance of understanding this fascinating species is critical for its survival. Come, learn and be entertained at the Haai, Inc. Live Shark Experience

This attraction is in its own attractive canopy where patrons can sit in comfort and enjoy the sharks swimming in their specially designed aquarium. The show and exhibit combines education and entertainment all presented in a fun and entertaining format.

During the experience the diver is in the tank our announcer is giving information on sharks and explaining the actions of the diver.

As the show concludes the audience is invited to come down for a close up view of the sharks and our staff will be on hand to answer any questions the public may have.

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